Digital Regional Index (IDR)

The Regional Digital Index (IDR) is an instrument designed by the University of Minho in the scope of the doctoral work of Luís Miguel Ferreira, under the guidance of Prof. Luís Amaral, at the University of Minho. It specifically aims to "understand the reality of the Information Society in the seven Portuguese NUT II regions, comparing and contrasting them".

The sixth edition of IDR is based on the updating of the statistical data used in the calculation of previous editions, keeping the methodology unchanged even though new indicators have been added since the 2015 edition. This edition includes 90 indicators, with the original version using 73 indicators.

For the implementation of the the two last editions, as in the previous edition, a partnership was established between the University of Minho and the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), which aims to develop cooperation between the two institutions, within the framework of the POESIC project - Panel for the Strategic Observation of the Information Society. POESIC seeks to contribute to evidence-based policy planning and decision-making, based on the systematization of information and reflection on the Information and Knowledge Society. [View more]

Figure 1. Score of the seven NUT II regions in the Regional Digital Index 2017.